Hatch A Chick

Have you ever wanted to hatch your own chicks but don't know where to start or how to get started? No worries, at the Kean farm we have you covered! We have the option for you to rent a chick or quail hatching kit. The best part about it is if you don't want the commitment of keeping chicks or quail you can return them when returning the equipment. You do have the option to keep the chicks at the end of the rental for an additional fee. We understand that families have lots of responsibilities to juggle. You may wish you had a way to let your children experience the magic of hatching chicks, but there is NO WAY you want to handle baby chickens! Plus, your HOA probably doesn't allow chickens in your neighborhood. We give you all of the magic and none of the stress. Our hatching kits come with a 12-egg incubator, 12 fertile eggs, a candling light, a small brooder (with bedding, chick feed, a waterer and feeder, and a chick warmer), a countdown calendar, pdf learning unit, and a handbook with everything you need to know. Once your name is on the waitlist we will email everyone on the list once a week to update their spot on the list. If you are up for the rental you will need to respond within 3 days or we will move onto the next person. Chicken eggs begin hatching 21 days after they are set in the incubator. Sometimes the hatching process can take up to 48 hours, which is tremendously exciting. Our incubators have a clear glass so you can see the chicks as they develop and begin hatching. Once the chicks are hatched, you may keep them for up to one week before they should be returned to the farm. If you would like to keep them longer we can discuss additional fees. We try to allow as much time with the chicks as possible, but also want to make the kits available to the next family or class to experience the same excitement and joy. Hatch a Chick FAQs: KIT RETURNS You are responsible for returning your hatching kit in good working condition by your scheduled date. Returning your kit on time is really important because we have families/schools waiting their turn to use the kit. If you can’t return your kit at the scheduled time, we can make arrangements (for an additional fee) if our scheduling allows. If kit item(s) are returned broken or have damage beyond normal wear and tear, you will be responsible for replacing the item. REFUNDS We take great care to give you a successful and memorable hatching experience. However, we are dealing with nature, so not every egg will be fertile, not every egg will hatch, and sometime a chick may die for unknown reasons. In addition, there are other things that could go wrong. You may experience a power outage or someone might accidentally unplug the incubator. Unheated classrooms may get too cold for the incubator to keep up. These are things that are out of our control, so we don't offer refunds. In the event that something does go wrong, please contact us immediately so we can offer guidance and support. The Kean Farm is not to be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused from the kits including but not limited: Fires or burns. We ask that you please use out kits correctly to avoid any issues.